Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Blog Here

Ok so today's class just like all the others went very well. I finished the five effective questions and hopefully my partner will be satisfied with them. I think for the grade level they are actually really good. Theyre not too hard and if i did present them to an actual kindergarten class i think i would get a very good response from the students. I was pretty quiet in class today because my partner wasnt here and also because i was the only one sitting in the middle aisle. Im used to having my partner here who is also a best friend of mine but hopefully shell feel better and be in class on friday. I really cant wait until we do our lesson plans cause i think it is going to be something really interesting. Its not like any other class where you teach and everyone follows along. In Dr. Luongo's classes she gives us roles to play which i think its going to be pretty funny but its really good because it gives us something to expect when we really become teachers. Melanie and I go first so it should be fun.

5 Effective Questions

ok bloggers i am about to post up 5 effective questions for our book. Give me your feedback! (You may need to click on the right to listen to the recording)


1. Boys and girls lets read the title together, "1, 2, Skip a Few First Number Rhymes". What do you think this book will be about?

2. What number do you think we will count to? Maybe we will count to 100, who here can count to 100?

3. Who was at the door? Was it Mary? Do you think it was Mary who ate cherries off a plate? Who here likes cherries? Do you eat them off a plate? Why?

4. "One, two, three, four, five. Once I caught a fish alive." Has anyone here caught a fish? How do you think you go about catching a fish?

5. "Five eggs and five eggs that makes ten" So if they all hatched how many fluffy chicks are there? Now what if it were six eggs and six eggs, how many would that be?
So today i am left by myself because my partner Melanie is out sick. It is a good thing that one of us was able to make it to class because I myself am not feeling well either. Fortunately we finished our recording of the book so the rest I can manage without her.This is also our last day in this classroom and i am pretty excited because it is always ridiculously hot in here. My task for today is to come up with five effective questions for our book. I have to keep in mind that the questions cannot be too challenging because the book is on a kindergarten grade level, but at the same time they have to make the students think. Talk to you later bloggers!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Many Takes

Ok so today was definitely a fun day in class, and not what i expected. In my last blog i wrote that we probably would be working on our five questions but i was wrong. My partner wasnt exactly satisfied with our first recording so we both agreed to record again. Now when we decided that we didnt think that we would be recording the entire class time. It took us a couple to takes before we were satisfied with it all. We also decided not to read the entire book because it is very long and a kindergartner can lose focus very quickly so we only read the first couple of pages. We had one really good take but unfortunately my partner didnt save it and we had to record it one last time which ended up being the best recording. We must of recorded at least seven different times today before we got it right. We also noticed how loud we were recording. We both get wrapped up in sounding entertaining and animated for the students that we dont realize we drown out everyone else. Im pretty sure the class is VERY happy that we do not have to record again. Until next time bloggers, TOODLES!
So today im not sure exactly what to expect in class. My partner Melanie and I are pretty much ahead of the game. On friday not many people were able to finish recording their book so most of the class with most likely be working on that but since Melanie and I did finish recording im not sure whats left for us to do. We could probably begin working on our five questions and I'm kind of interested in recording the questions as well. Last week I had fun recording the book because it was something new and its something i would like to use when i have a class of my own. Since the book is on a kindergarten level the questions can not be too challenging but at the same time we dont want to make them too easy either. Well time is just about up. TOODLES!

Friday, February 19, 2010


So today was pretty interesting as well very funny. Today my partner and I had to podcast our recording a book, and I must admit it was pretty hard to control my laughter.I wanted to laugh not because i thought that this was pointless because i certainly dont, but i wanted to laugh because it seemed funny to be reading our book to a microphone rather than reading to students. ( to be continued, not finished i started late)

Friday, February 12, 2010


So today I was working with my partner Melanie and we were both learning about podcasting. Before today neither of us really knew what it was. We both had an idea as to what it could be but we didnt know for sure until 20 minutes ago. We created our own podcast and it was pretty cool. Its very similar to blogging but instead of typing you just speak it into a microphone. For our first podcast we only introduced ourselves which was pretty funny because we're not used to recording our voices. Even though it was fun and pretty cool we had some technical difficulties too. When we first tried to record our voices we thought we were doing it right until we noticed the recording hadn't even started yet. So we took another try and this time it worked but when we tried publishing it, our recording was lost so we went back to try for a third time. The third time worked like a charm because our recording didnt disappear and we were able to publish it on the website. Check it out! http://mbot.podomatic.com/entry/2010-02-12T08_44_42-08_00